[1983] Junko Ohashi - Point Zero ''MP3 320 Kbps''

Point Zero

Junko Ohashi is another one of those veteran singers who never ended up appearing daily or weekly on countdown shows or in commercials but still garnered a loyal fan base with her music and powerful voice. So, it's a bit ironic that her two biggest hits "Silhouette Romance" and "Tasogare, My Love" have her singing relatively quietly.
This is a really funky piece of J-pop that boasts an 80's classic: Dancin'. That song alone makes this record, but there's more: In Your Lovin, Caught in a Shower and Sensual Night shows more of her capability as a funk soul lady. Who would know that Japan had one of the funkiest record makers out there? Junko kicks ass even today; her career has been mostly excelent all of these years so it's a bit unfair that almost no one knows her outside of Japan.

Genre: J-pop, Funk
Quality: 320kbps MP3

>>> Sensual Night


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