[2003] Kenji Yamamoto - Metroid Prime OST

Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime marked a new style of music for the Metroid series, dominated by electronic scores and X-Files-esque whistling, a style requested by the Retro Studios staff. A departure from the orchestral score of Super Metroid, Metroid Prime redefined the series musically as a mysterious confluence of technology, civilization, and nature. The soundtrack was composed by Kenji Yamamoto with assistance by Kyoichi Kyuma.
Metroid Prime introduced new favorites such as "Ice Valley" (Phendrana Drifts), "Artifact Temple" which defined Chozo grandeur, the beautiful "Crashed Ship Frigate Orpheon", and the memorable "Title" theme, which appears in many guises throughout the series. A heavy dosage of remixes includes one of the best "Brinstar" arranges as "Planet Tallon IV", the ever-popular "Lava Caves" (Magmoor), "VS. Meta Ridley", and finally "Frigate Orpheon" as the first of many arrangements of "Mysterious Statue Room" from Super Metroid. However, Prime is also dominated by what I call "atmospheric minimalism", amelodic music that replicates background noise. While a nod to the original Metroid, tracks such as "Ancient Chozo Ruins" illustrate how dependent such music can be on game space, though other tracks such as "Phazon Mines" demonstrate its potentials for compelling audio. Note that "Chozo Ruins (Main Plaza)", which plays in the water-filled temple, contains bars that would later reappear in "Torvus Bog".

Genre: Dark Ambient, Game Ost, Instrumental
Quality: FLAC

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