[2011] The Xenogears Orchestral Album [Myth] ''FLAC''

The Xenogears Orchestral Album

Myth: The Xenogears Orchestral Album is an arranged soundtrack to the 90's PSOne RPG Xenogears. It is the third arrangement of the original game's soundtrack, after Creid and Light, and is arranged by the game's composer Yasunori Mitsuda along with Youki Yamamoto, Sachiko Miyano, and Natsumi Kameoka. The album contains 12 orchestral tracks, one of which contains a song performed by the Irish singer Joanne Hogg (Track 13), and 2 piano tracks. This album is one of the best orchestral game albums I own. The compositions and arrangements are nothing short of breathtaking. It takes fewer liberties than the previous two arranged albums, and focuses more on just making the melodies sound beautiful. I would recommend this CD to both lovers of the game and lovers of music in general. My only quibbles is the shortness of the album, under 60 minutes, and the decision to include two piano tracks. Both piano tracks are great, but I would gladly exchange those two tracks for two more orchestral pieces.

Genre: Orchestral, VideoGameMusic 
Quality: FLAC


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