[2007] Blade Runner 25th Anniversary (5CD) [Vangelis] ''FLAC''

Blade Runner

This is a terrific expansion of the Vangelis score. I wish it would be released in non-colored vinyl, as colored vinyl never sounds quite as good. Why some of these tracks were left off the original, besides space consideration is beyond me. These aren't just new instrumentation a of the previously released melodies. Also quite good is the score first released, by the NBC orchestra. It's a vinyl oddity I keep coming back to even though it's not Vangelis playing.

Genre : Dark Ambient, Soundtrack.
Quality : FLAC

Disc I : The Score Part I

Disc II : The Score Part II

Disc III : Los Angeles, November 2019

Disc IV : Suite & Bonus Material

Disc V : Esper '' Interpretations '' DJ Mix

LA 2018 (Esper Suite)