[2000] Boogiepop Phantom Original Soundtrack [VA] ''FLAC''

Boogiepop Phantom

Most anime series' that have great sountracks, but listening to them you can easily notice that the music was designed to watch with the series, and lacks much of it's greatness without the visual aid. However the Boogiepop Phantom sountrack features songs that can be listened to by anyone (Even those who insist on not wanting anything to due with the series because of its goofy title). The songs may be lengthy but you'll be surprised how much creativity is in each song, compared to most anime music where if you see an eight minute song listed you think "Oh great, another song with a one minute intro and seven minutes of repetative techno." The only thing that might turn some poeple away is that the majority of the music is rather depressing which fits with the mood of the series. Overall I LOVE this album and it is consider it to be my favorite among my collection.

Genre: Ambient, Anime Ost, Downtempo, Drum & Bass, Electronic, 
Quality: FLAC 

[2000] Music Inspired by Boogiepop and Others [Yuki Kajiura]

El Titulo lo dice todo.

Genre: Ambient, Downtempo, Electronic, 
Quality: FLAC 


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