[1969] Almendra - Almendra ''FLAC''

Almendra must be, by all means, the first real rock album that ever saw the light in Argentina. This claim in no way intends to look down on previous releases by other bands: it responds to certain reasons I'm about to ramble about, the most important of all being the fact that it probably was the first explosion of creativity, the first audacious exploration of the Spanish tongue through rock music to take place in Argentina.
Luis Alberto Spinetta is naturally the soul of the album, supported gracefully by Edelmiro Molinari, Emilio Del Güercio (who also contributed with two of their own compositions: Color humano -later the name of Molinari's band - and Que el viento borró tus manos) and Rodolfo García. Spinetta's talent can be acknowledged from his early birth as a songwriter as a natural, innate one. Almendra is the sunrise of his unique poetry, perfect melodies and the beginning of this living legend of an artist. Bucolic pictures are combined with gray images of solitude, the innocence of a young daydreaming soul and the surrealistic eyes of a true poet. The cover art, another creation of the nineteen-year-old Spinetta, says it all: "el hombre de la tapa", which unifies the songs on the album in a conceptual manner (each song is related to either his eye, tear or toy arrow), though never depriving them of their identity, is itself an expression of melancholia.
The highlight of the album is definitely the opening track, Muchacha (Ojos de papel), one of the "songs from the sparkle of the one-thousand-year-old tear that the man from the cover cries". Balanced out by heavier and faster songs like Ana no duerme, but also accompanied by other laid-back jewels like Plegaria para un niño dormido, this is one of those love songs that are epic successes. It portrays the glory of a first love with a breeze of innocence and simplicity, never cheesy, never dull.

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Psychedelic Pop,
Quality: FLAC (Vinyl rip)

Un Color!


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