[2002] Colorful You [Miguel Migs] ''FLAC''

Colorful You

To say that the debut solo album from Miguel 'Petalpusher' Migs has been highly anticipated would be a major understatement as the hype has been building since early Spring and expectations float among the clouds. Migs' remixing credentials: solid. Big ups and deep head-bobs for his work on the Nude Dimensions series. People demand a lot from Miguel. While Naked Music co-founder Jay Denes' 'Beautiful Tomorrow' got the critic's nod earlier this year, would this album do the same? I'm not convinced.
Miguel knows his way around the studio as the production and arrangement are tight. But there is no definable peak and its consistent mid-tempo, soul groove will appeal mostly to the ladies. Deep heads out there will be disappointed. 'Days of Color' is the most qualified remixing candidate for the dance hall. 'Don't let me Down' and 'Waiting' was very R&B and pop-like. A stripped down version of 'Breakin It Down' is refreshing and almost as super soulful as 'The One'. Miguel's strength is clearly not in the lyrics with extra syrupy vocals such as 'before you break my heart, think it over.' Uh ' what? Next thing you know, will Migs be hanging out with Carson Daly on Total Request Live? No thanks. Not for me. I hate to knock Migs, but I think we were all expecting just a little more. After all, Miguel helped Naked Music set one of the standards when it comes to deep house flavors. The complete lyrics are included in the liner notes. Total time: 74 minutes. While I was hoping for some deep thumps and serious head-bobbing grooves, instead it was too sugary sweet for my taste buds.

Genre : Lounge, Deephouse, Chillhouse, Ambient, Electronic.
Quality : FLAC


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