[2017] NieR-Automata [Keiichi Okabe, Kuniyuki Takahashi & Keigo Hoashi] ''FLAC''


Fantastic Soundtrack. While it dosn't have that much tracks for an official game soundtrack... it does make up for it on the tracks length. I mean if you played the game, I shouldn't have had to tell you how amazing the music is.
The first disk is the regular soundtrack.... but when you get to the second and third disks it has different variations of the same track, even in a different language for some.

I wish I could put in to words how amazing this soundtrack is. Unfortunately, anything I write here won't do this game or the OST any lick of service. I highly suggest this soundtrack to anyone that enjoys video game music and anyone that has played this game. You do not need to have played the game to enjoy the soundtrack, but it will certainly add more meaning to some of the tracks. Especially so if you've played the first installment of the Nier series.

Genre : Game, Soundtrack.
Quality : FLAC


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