[2005] Modal Soul [Nujabes] ''FLAC''

Modal Soul

Nujabes is the Beast from the East. I know Beast probably wouldn't be the best word to describe this producer, but it's the only thing I can think of using besides "AZN SENSATION", and how whack is that?

Many people I know associate music made in Japan with the defecation widely known as J-Pop. I can't really make an accurate decision on how nice J-Pop is or not. I rarely listen to anything I can't understand in my favorite musical genre, Hip Hop, so there's no reason for me to check anything out in a genre I don't like in a language I CAN understand. Anyway, I first discovered the work of Nujabes on the cartoon "Samurai Champloo", like many Americans have. As a Hip Hop instrumental aficionado, I've listened to hundreds of producers and their products. From Pete Rock to Just Blaze to RjD2 to Prefuse 73 and so on... I'm a sucker for a sick sample. So it's safe to say that when I heard "Battlecry" (Samurai Champloo's introductory theme), I had to find out more about this Nujabes cat who made this beat.

Quality: Flac
Genre: Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Jazz Rap, Cool Jazz, Instrumental Hip-Hop,
Jazzy Hip-Hop.