[2005] Renaissance The Classics ''FLAC''

Renaissance The Classics

Three CD's of superb tunes - some old favourites, a lot of classics and a few cheeky popuar tunes thrown in for good measure. This an album that doesn't try to take itself too seriously by claiming to be "the album of classics" -there are too many to get on one box set - but offers up everything it says on the tin -a collection of Renaissance Classics. A renaissance night is unique experience and this is classics according to the renaissance experience and i think its absolutely perfect. Just right. With tunes like Last Rhythm and Gat Decor - Passion, this is an album if you were a serious clubber, a halfway clubber or an occasional clubber. It fits for everyone. And for the person with the review that says its obviously computer mixed, do you seriously think that DJ's mix CD's for retails nowadays without using software? I don't think so.....

Genre : Electronic, Retro
Quality : Flac


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