[2010] Innerspeaker [Tame Impala] ''FLAC''


It's hard not to evoke comparisons to other bands when reviewing this CD because let's be honest, Tame Impala has perfectly captured the essence of several bands that have paved the way before them. But while playing Spot the Influence is an easy, winnable game with this band, that in no way means that their debut album "Innerspeaker" is in any way boring, predictable, or simply a re-hash of previous ideas. Instead, Tame Impala has taken the space rock vibes of early Pink Floyd, the bluesy riffs of Cream, the over-the-top psychedelica of The Flaming Lips, put them into an blender, and created something exciting and new.

Genre : Psychedelic Rock, Rock.
Quality : Flac


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