[1997] Bjork - Homogenic ''FLAC''


The whole world knows Bjork for being that crazy lady who attacked an interviewer, having worn a swan dress to a awards show and apparently being completely alien to this world. Although I agree her voice is eiree I wouldn't quite describe it as alien. After all she does sound very Icelandic. After two brilliant albums that shook musical boundaries Bjork returned with her true masterpiece "Homogenic". One thing always puzzles me about this album. Why didn't it sell? The production is flawless, the songs are Bjork's most dramatic (and that's saying something) and it leaves a strong impression after being listened to. Though the songs are a bit odder than on 1995's "Post" or her "Debut", they aren't so far out to alienate fans.
The album starts off with one of Bjork's most important songs, "Hunter". The production and delivery of this song are truly original. The electronic beat is incredibly catchy and different and Bjork sings in a more focused way than usual. The string arangements blend perfectly with the electronic beats and the lyrics are effective. The dreamy "Joga" is another true masterpiece. Bjork's voice amplifies all her emotions into this song. "Bachelorette" similarly is a dramatic moving piece with an epic feel. The album progresses through sadness to complete anger as shown on "Pluto", arguably Bjork's angriest songs. Some call this song unlistenable but I think it provides some much needed anger into the album. It is quite similar in style to "Declare Independence" from "Volta". "5 Years" is another angry song that becomes better with each listen. This song is nothing short of genius. The albums climax "All Is Full Of Love" takes us back to a much calmer Bjork, as though she vented all her anger out through the album. The song symbolises rebirth and is a beautiful way of ending the album. This song also gives us a continuation to the album after it "Vespertine".
The album holds together, almost as a concept album. It shows us a side to Bjork which isn't present in any of her other albums. This apparently is the album where Bjork reverted back into her shell, however, I feel this is her most important album to date. Although some of Bjork's albums take a lot of time to get used to ("Debut", "Vespertine"), this one grabs you on first listen and won't let you go. This is a masterpiece.

Genre: Electronic, Alternative, Trip-Hop, Art Pop, Avant-Garde,
Quality: FLAC

>>> All Is Full Of Love


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