[1972] 666 [Aphrodite's Child] ''FLAC''


Vangelis was in an incredible state of inspiration when creating the songs for 666 on words by Costas Ferris. Some of the weirdest experiments in rock are complemented by some potential haunting hit singles, notably "Break", and "Aegean Sea", the latter being without doubt one of the finest examples of symphonic rock to date. It never got the attention it deserves because Aphrodite's Child had already broken up by the time this album was finished, singer Demis Roussos had already started his easy-listening solo career and Vangelis was already working on his first film scores. Still, this double album is one of the highest artistic peaks ever achieved in rock and if you're open to such a thing, this is a definitie must-have in your collection.

Genre : Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Experimental Rock
Quality : FLAC

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