[1991] Just For A Day [Slowdive] ''FLAC''

Just For A Day

My Bloody Valentine's brilliant "Loveless" is easily the most famous and acclaimed shoegazer record, but this sparkling debut from Slowdive, is, in many ways, every bit as moving and beautiful. It is definitely one of my 10-15 favorite records of all-time. Written entirely by guitarist/singer Neil Halstead, "Just for a Day" stays true to its title, capturing alien ephemera within its breezy, hazy musical web. Guitars wash in and out like waves, drums and bass creep slowly along, and both Halstead and Rachel Goswell intone their beautifully insightful lyrics over the wondrously droning sea of sound. Besides its aesthetic beauty, "Just for a Day" possesses a moving, understated emotional punch, ranging from the drearily melancholic to the overflowingly redemptive. One of my friends listened to this album incessantly in the wake of his father's death, and he says it struck a chord so deep that he can no longer listen to it without being driven to tears. Powerful, resonant, and fleeting, "Just for a Day" is an astonishing listen.

Genre : Shoegaze
Quality : FLAC


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