[2002] After the Playboy Mansion [Mixed By Dimitri from Paris] ''FLAC''

After the Playboy Mansion

Dimtri returns with two discs of slamming french house and his secret re-edits of old disco tunes to keep the party going once the playboy mansion is over. digging through a bazillion dusty crates, dim pulls together a slew of rare tracks and puts them together on two separate cds: laidback and uplifting. the laidback disc is just that: laidback. meandering through breaks, hip-hop, and house - dimitri combines the smooth disco sounds that he's known for with a near perfect mix of tracks that really just make you want to relax. the uplifting mix is a grouping of uptempo house tracks that will certainly keep the party going into the afterhours, with not only great 4/4 action, but with themes that make you smile and grind a little closer to the person you are dancing with, or just cut loose on your own. it doesn't matter when it's that late - it just makes sense. this album will be enjoyed by fans of night at the playboy mansion or people who have enjoyed disco in the past for the new disco. it's nothing new from dimitri, but it's all about keeping the party going.

Genre : ClassicHouse, ClassicHouse, Dance, Electronic, Gapul, House, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Disco, 
Quality : FLAC


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