[2006/07] Persona 3/Fes Soundtrack [Shoji Meguro] ''FLAC''

Persona 3

Persona 3' has one of the best soundtracks every put to a video game. The combination of rock, hip-hop, electronic, and jazz -- with the simply perfect touch of cinematic orchestral moments thrown in -- is irresistible. While the tracks on the CD do rely on quite a bit of looping, I never found it to be an issue in the game and subsequent listening experiences haven't ruined the love I have for this soundtrack: one of the best out there.

Genre : Game Soundtrack
Quality : FLAC

Persona 3 FES

This CD only contains the new music added in the FES edition of Persona 3, there was still some good stuff to be found. Namely the Opening Trailer song, which is pretty good. There is also the boss music for the final boss in The Answer, which is eerily enjoyable.

Genre : Game Sountrack
Quality : FLAC