[2001] Silent Hill 2 [Akira Yamaoka] ''FLAC''

Silent Hill 2

This soundtrack may be the single greatest collection of music ever devised by humans. Your life without having listened to this CD is meaningless. Each song is expertly and finely crafted art transcending any sort of specific genre style; songs so amazing you will eargasm in public creating an awkward situation between you and the bag lady at Walmart. He creates these songs out of happy thoughts, magic, and the souls of a thousand bigfoots. Don't try to understand how this level of amazingness is possible, but I assure you sir or ma'am, it is possible. If this CD was somehow personified it would be a creature worth its weight in metric, nuclear powered, Chuck Norris beards.

The soundtracks Akira writes are somehow better than the bestselling games. Without his music, the games would lose all integrity and sense of depth. Also, if this music hadn't been written, there would be nothing keeping the ghosts of a thousand crickets trying to enter your mind at bay.

Genre : Dark Ambient, Game Ost, Horror Music.
Quality : FLAC


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