[2004] Codename Dustsucker [Bark Psychosis] ''FLAC''

Codename Dustsucker

I have been listening to Hex for almost 2 years now, and I've never gotten sick of it. The sounds that Bark Psychosis create were something new back then...and as my tastes have changed I've stuck with Psychosis Barking's more steadily than almost everything else in my collection.This is an expansion of their sounds, but not diluted, not refined, just a widening of an already grand vision. I love this. Like Mogwai except more inventive, like the best of Low except with a wider palatte, the most sublime of electronic acts. It's the 90's, but its palatable. Beside their pure mastery of tone, mood and texture, their greatest feat is their play of structure. Imagine Tool, except they love your ears, they want to express their angst by creating a world you want to live in and never leave. Yo La Tengo meets Bladerunner. It is an emotional experience. Whatever it is, ambient, postrock, I never tire of it. I'm going to get my hands on everything else they've done as soon as possible!

Genre : Post-Rock
Quality : FLAC


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