[2013] Cafe Del Mar Jazz I ''FLAC''

Cafe Del Mar Jazz

Cafe Del Marr Jazz maintains the reputation the Cafe Del Mar series has as a leader in chilled out, late evening, cocktails at sunset-type music. Here we have a jazzy twist on the theme. The vibe stays generally mellow but still throws in plenty of beat and percussion along with some gentle funk here and there, an occasional 50's feel, Enigma-type whisperings and quirky voiceovers - in other words plenty of variation and mood without straying too far from the dreamy feel-good laidback vibe Cafe del Mar is known. (Check out The Starseeds "Parallel LIfe" as a good example).

There are lots of moods represented here. Kraak and Smaak's Danse Macabre is a kind of Mobyesque take on jazz with repeated slightly disembodied vocals appearing amongst the instrumentation. The piano tinkles away on Montel La Rue's Adeus, followed by the lush Bossa Nova/orchestral rhythms of La Perla Noir's Inverno A Capri. Julien Sabre's Swimming Places completes the album and after a smouldering start erupts into a nice long piece of (almost) disco jazz. Fantastic.

Genre : Ambient, ChillOut, Electronic, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Downtempo.
Quality : FLAC


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