[1983] Everything But The Girl - Eden ''FLAC''

In 1996, Everything But The Girl made a brilliant transformation from tepid adult contemporary music to a delightful hybrid of pop and electronica. "Walking Wounded" secured a place in my heart with its breathtaking fusion of light jungle, house, and the plaintive lyrics of Tracy Thorn. 1999 brought "Temperamental," which continued the excursion into deeper (housier) waters. With nothing new from them in two years (albeit a pair of excellent mix albums--"Lazy Dog" is certainly worth mentioning), I decided to sample some of their pre-electronica work. Were my expectations met? With "Eden," they were surpassed.
"Eden" is an easy-listening gem of album containing twelve songs dealing with various aspects of relationships. A light sun-kissed bossnova ties the whole thing together--and what a package! Tracy Thorn has never sounded so vulnerable. From the opening horns of "Each and Everyone" (sampled by Roni Size on "Destination") to the gorgeous "Even So" to Ben Watt's excellent vocal on "Soft Touch," there's really not a weak spot on the album. My only beef was the initial shock to the absence of vocal production or awareness; things didn't sound as full like they do on "Walking Wounded."
"Eden" is a beautiful album, and if you've thought about checking out early EBTG, you won't be disappointed. Just don't expect a album of deep house music. :)

Genre: Indie pop, Jazz pop, Bossa nova, Jangle pop
Quality: FLAC

>>> Soft Touch

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