[1998] Yasunori Mitsuda - Xenogears Soundtrack ''FLAC''

Xenogears Soundtrack

Xenogears has been considered by many to be the greatest RPG ever, and likewise, its soundtrack has been held to an equal level of esteem. Yasunori Mitsuda's talent considerably shows in this soundtrack, which is chock full of tracks, each harboring some new and original styles. Despite the fact that I originally obtained this soundtrack via a package deal, I'm incredibly glad that it found its way into my collection.
One thing that enthralls me about this soundtrack is Mitsuda's ability to musically invoke, within my mind, clear images from the game. Each track's style is so distinct that I am able to recall exactly which point in the game each one was used. I especially enjoyed the dark, foreboding feel of "Omen," the theme music of Xenogears' Babel Tower. The contrast of emotions displayed in the soundtrack are equally amazing. It includes tracks such as one of my favorites, "Solaris, Celestial Paradise," which is a quirky and lighthearted melody, but contrasts that emotion with one of tension and excitement, like that found in "Crimson Knight."
I'd recommend the Xenogears OST to anyone who is a fan of Mitsuda's style, because this soundtrack is most certainly his greatest achievement, and a great addition to any collection. Although fans who haven't played the game might not fully enjoy it, if you have played Xenogears, this soundtrack is certainly a must have. (Not to be confused with this arrangement album)

Genre: Game Soundtrack
Quality: FLAC

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