[2000] Final Fantasy IX [Nobuo Uematsu] ''FLAC''

Final Fantasy IX

All of the Final Fantasy games have good soundtracks. Final Fantasy IX's soundtrack is probably the most catchy of them all though, with some VERY melodic upbeat and catchy pieces here. "Jesters of the Moon" will have you humming in no time, "The Village of Dali" theme is very peaceful, and "Vamo Alla Flamenco" is such a catchy piece with the spanish guitar added effect. It sets you in the lighthearted, fun mood that the game has.

This soundtrack comes with every piece from the game, all of the town, dungeon, world map and battle themes from the game. The first reviewer was says it leaves a lot of the songs out, it doesn't. If your into fun, and sometimes peaceful themes from anything, not necessarily just Video Games in general than you will love this group of cool theme music from this great game.

Genre : Game, Soundtrack.
Quality : FLAC


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