[1997] Hitoshi Sakimoto - Final Fantasy Tactics Soundtrack ''FLAC''

You'd think that with the sheer number of hours I spent playing Final Fantasy Tactics, I wouldn't need the soundtrack to keep the game's majestic score running through my head. There was something about this particular soundtrack though, that made me sure I'd want to have it on hand long after I was finished with the game.
The soundtrack's best attribute is that it does far more than just bring to mind specific "scenes" from the game. It's a work of art in its own right, and is the perfect background music for the epic fantasy novels I tend to read (the Record of Lodoss War soundtracks also work great in this regard).
Another thing that sets this soundtrack apart from a lot of other video game soundtrack is that it sounds like a film score. You hear an orchestra rendering a well-crafted symphonic score, not a cheap, synthesized version full of "bloops" and "bleeps". The Final Fantasy Tactics soundtrack isn't just the audio version of the game, but is a unique soundtrack on par with any of today's Hollywood scores. If you're a serious fan of the game, you'll want to check out this great soundtrack. It should also appeal to anyone interested in anime and/or epic fantasy scores.

Genre: Game Soundtrack
Quality: FLAC

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