[1995] Chrono Trigger SNES/PS1 [Yasunori Mitsuda] ''FLAC''

Chrono Trigger SNES

One of the reasons why the video game Chrono Trigger was a success happened because Yasunori Mitsuda did a spectacular work on its soundtrack. Just like Nobuo Uematsu, who did at least nine collaborations like "Light of Silence" (Track 17, CD 1), "Those without the Will to Live" (Track 4, CD 2) and "Primeval Mountain" (Track 18, CD 2), and Noriko Matsueda on "Boss Battle 1", which was also arranged by Nobuo Uematsu.

Even though the music may be synthesized in MIDI format, it'll still capture your attention even if you havent played the game before. All of the songs on the OSV version are in the original synthesized forms with multiple orchestra instruments.

Thanks to those three composers, but most of all to Yasunori Mitsuda, the game happens to get a diversity of excellent tracks which correspond to each of the time periods visited by the characters (Middle Ages, Future, Dark Ages, Prehistorical Times) and crucial scenes of the story.

Genre : Game Ost, Game, Game Soundtrack
Quality : FLAC

Chrono Trigger Playstation

This is the disc realeased of the playstation game soundtrack.

Genre : Game Ost, Game, Game Soundtrack
Quality : FLAC

Amazing Game and Amazing Sounstrack!!!!!!!!


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