[2006] Various Artists - Breath of Fire OST Special Box ''FLAC''

Breath of Fire

This boxset covers the classic Breath of Fire saga starting from the SNES incarnations up to Dragon Quarter for the PS2. Talk about a monster! This 11-CD boxset won't disappoint in the slightlest, the SNES versions sound beautiful but the excuse to upload this here is the PS1 OSTSs which in my humble opinion are the zenith of the saga. This release was limited to only 2000 copies and the reason why Capcom did a thing of this caliber is beyond any comprehension.
This is a true gem and if you enjoyed at least one of them it's worth having the whole thing.
I hope you enjoyed our PS1 JRPG week, stay tuned for our next special!


Genre: Game Soundtrack
Quality: FLAC

>>> Disc 01 / Disc 02 (Breath of Fire I)

In Progress : 

Disc 03 / Disc 04 (Breath of Fire II)
Disc 05 / Disc 06 / Disc 07 (Breath of Fire III)
Disc 08 / Disc 09  (Breath of Fire IV)
Disc 10 / Disc 11 (Breath of Fire V)


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